Business Burnout - Ralph

The Romanian peasant was on his knees, frantically gathering the half-rotten apples strewn all over the mountain road. In the pitch darkness, our rickety little car had plowed into his cart, throwing him off and somersaulting his two horses. As a cold rain and snow fell on this surreal midnight scene, I had never felt less in control. I asked myself, "What in the world am I doing here?"


Something to Live for - Daniel

My father was a member of the Communist Party. Seeing the advantages we as a family had because of that, I thought that Communism was something I could live for. I wanted to be a part of something, and when I was in High School, I became a Communist youth leader; I felt I was fulfilling my life purpose until the Romanian revolution in 1989 when communism fell and all my "glorious" future fell too. I didn't know what to do with the new freedoms we gained after the revolution that December.


Finding Success - Ionel

What is in the heart of a little boy who has no father? No father to run to and say, "I hurt myself today" or "I had a fight today, but I won" or "Will you play soccer with me today?" And then, after getting a step-father, having the mother say, "Never disturb him, he is too busy."

This had a powerful effect on one little boy, me.


Bitten By a Poisonous Snake - John

Many people think that being religious is the key to finding spiritual power and contentment. In my case, even though I thought I was very religious, I was not experiencing these things, until, through some life-changing events, I found the answers. 

When I was a child, my mother took me to church every week, where I prayed and heard spiritual teaching.  I was given a Bible, which I enjoyed reading.  These religious activities were good things, but I needed a deeper reality of God in my life. 


What is the point? - Steve

"If God doesn't really exist, then what's the point in living?"
I stared out at the Californian mountains pondering my existence; only 15 years old. I had grown up in a religious family knowing about spiritual things, but my life felt empty. I was conflicted; one side wanted everything that this life was offering me: sex, drugs, money, power and prestige while the other quietly hinted at other lesser-known realities in my life: purpose, peace, love, forgiveness and joy.


Bio-chemistry - Jim

"Jim, what is the matter with us?  We say we are Christians,  but our lives are no different than someone who doesn't claim to be one."

I grew up in a religious home.  However, God was not real in my daily life.  I was troubled by doubts.  Religion for me was more of a tradition and following a list of dos and don'ts.  God seemed far off.

During university, I was tempted to reject God but I couldn't honestly do so because of the exemplary life of my father.  He was a biochemistry professor and also a true follower of Jesus Christ.