Life is Boring - Luiza

At 16 I had two clear conclusions: Life is boring and life is unfair. Someday I graduate, go to work, get married, have children, get old, and die. LIFE IS BORING. But my situation was better than most. I had a good family, good grades, and the opportunity to study at university. I realized most of my friends will be simple factory workers, hence my 2nd conclusion: LIFE IS UNFAIR.

    Then the revolution changed my world. In December 1989 Nikolai and Elena Ceausescu were shot on Christmas day. Instead of the usual TV programs about the dictator we saw a movie about Jesus. I was very impressed about this man, but was cautious of propaganda. I wanted to check out this movie, but my father was an officer in the army so we never owned a Bible. My grandmother did have a Bible, despite it being illegal.
    The Bible is big so I started with the part about Jesus, the New Testament. He impressed me. Here was a man who could have everything, but didn't care. He was going to the cross but said, "Take courage, I have overcome the world" (John 16:33). How could he be a winner? He has a secret and I want it!
    Then I heard about a special meeting in our city. I took my parents and brother to hear a man from Germany. He explained why Jesus died, to forgive my rebellion against God. When he asked those who wanted to receive Jesus to go forward, I went. My parents were shocked. "What if somebody recognizes us?" But I was 16 and knew I needed Jesus and His secret. That was the best decision of my life!
The next week I found a church closer to my house and began to learn about applying God's word to my life. They had a group for youth and my brother started coming with me. A year later even my parents had believed in Jesus and we were all baptized together to show that our old lives were washed away. With Jesus life has purpose and meaning, it is no longer boring or unfair!